Ready to Put the Pandemic in Your Rearview? Safeguard Your Car Now for Returning to the Road


The COVID-19 vaccination program is rolling out nationwide and an end to pandemic restrictions are finally in sight. Soon enough you may be returning to your daily commute or leaving the house regularly to once again shop, socialize, or seek out some recreation beyond your neighborhood. Now is not the time to have your car out of commission (or to get smacked with a bunch of bills for repairs you weren’t expecting). 

Here are five things you should do right now to get your ride ready for re-entering into its starring role in your life: 

  • Get a tune-up. Your four-wheeled friend has probably been spending a lot of time sitting still, and if there’s one thing engines and batteries don’t like, it’s inactivity. A standard once-over, and perhaps an oil change, will freshen things up and alert you if any serious problems are lurking.
  • Give it a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Visit a car wash or perform your own MiyagiDo wax-on-wax-off to clear any dried-on muck, dead leaves, or beginnings of rust from your vehicle’s body, windows, and tires. Lean in to give the interior a deep clean, too, with a disinfecting wipe down of all surfaces to clear away the last of the dust and dirt that may have built up. 
  • Take care of any minor repairs without delay. A chip in the windshield can expand into a serious crack once you’re back to highway driving. An annoying stutter in the brakes can be a sign of rotor trouble. Don’t risk bigger problems by ignoring small ones.  
  • Check the status of your manufacturer warranty. If you bought your car new, the warranty generally expires three years from the purchase date or when your odometer hits 36,000 miles. If you bought used, you may have received warranty with some coverage limitations. Find out what your warranty covers (usually the parts and systems that break down due to flaws or defects in factory-installed parts) and when it expires. 
  • Pick up a vehicle service contract to protect against crazy repair expenses. If your warranty is expired, or close to it, putting some extra protection in place is a smart move. 

Of course, you hate #5 because you’re thinking of those terrible robocalls trying to scare you into buying coverage before your car disintegrates into dust beneath your feet. But there’s a new option on the market now and it’s something you can get online without dealing with sales pitches or any hard sell. Also, it’s a monthly subscription plan instead of a long-term contract, just like Netflix, your fitness membership, or that wonderful wonky produce box subscription. 

This is similar to the coverage you may have been offered when you bought your car because it covers mechanical problems, which your car insurance doesn’t. The difference is the commitment-free month-to-month option that gives you the chance to cover your car for about the same amount you spend on music or movie streaming. The plans start as low as $39 month and are easy to customize or discontinue anytime. The service even comes with ID theft protection for you and your family, and the opportunity to earn rebate reward! Click on coverage options to find out more. 

Now that it’s time to start rolling down the road again, it’s also time to avoid burdensome repair bills or the need for a new car purchase. As we take steps toward that “new normal” we’ve all been waiting for, a monthly subscription vehicle service contract may be just the ticket to protecting your car and your budget.